A Trip to Thirukarukaavur & Karuvalacheri

Both Tirukarukaavur and Karuvalacheri temples are thronged by devotees seeking boon for child and for safe delivery of child without pregnancy complications.

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Garbarakshambigai temple,Thirukarukaavur
  • A powerful prarthana sthalam for child birth.
  • Appar, Sundarar and Sambandar, the three famous Nayan-mars (Saints) have celebrated the glory of the God and is considered as “Padal Petra Sthalam”.
  • The presiding deity Garbharakshambika means “The Mother Who Protects the Womb”.Goddess Sri Garbharakshambika not only protects the unborn child, but also blesses people who long for a child, people who have pregnancy related problems and pregnant women who come to the temple praying for an easy delivery.
  • The other presiding deity is Lord Mullaivana Nathar. Worshiping this God will cure all kinds of skin diseases. People who are afflicted with incurable diseases come to this temple.

Akilandeshwari Devi temple, Karuvalarcheri
  • A powerful prarthana sthalam for child birth.
  • Mother Sri Akilandeswari here is known as Karu Valarkkum Nayagi - the Goddess who blesses the foetus with growth. In other words, the Universal Mother in this temple gives the blessing of development to the foetus.
  • Agasthiyar sage along with his wife LopaMudraa worshipped the God and Goddess here and hence God is called “Agatheeswarar”.
Pooja Details

Pooja details in Garparakshambikai temple
  • Blessed Ghee for pregnancy:
  •         Couples yearning for a child have to come in person to this temple, obtain ghee from the counter, light 11 ghee lamp and must do step smearing (Padi Mezhuguthal) in sacred Ambal Sannadhi and pray for their child. After returning to their home they should buy quality ghee for 1/2 kg and mix them with the sacred ghee obtained from this temple. Before going to bed couples should take a teaspoonful of the ghee for next 48 days. Women should avoid consuming this ghee during their periods, while men should continue without break. Couples are adviced to recite the mantras which will be given to them in a book form during their visit to this temple. Persons who are unable to visit this temple in person can obtain blessed ghee from this temple through post or courier.

  • Blessed castor oil for easy delivery:
  •         Pregnant woman in third trimester has to obtain blessed oil from this temple. It is not necessary for the woman to come in person while her husband or any family member can come and obtain the blessed oil. The oil must be applied in the lower abdomen of the woman during pain. Women are adviced to recite the mantras meant for safe and trouble free delivery. Persons who are unable to visit this temple in person can obtain blessed oil from this temple through post or courier.

Pooja details in Akilandeshwari Devi temple
  • Couples must visit the temple and worship the goddess and Shiva.Bring the pooja items such as Round Turmeric(Manjal) 7 in numbers,Ghee made from pure Pasu Milk,2 Lemons, Coconut, Bananas,Betel leaves ,Betel nuts,Flowers,Kunguman, Incense sticks
  • Couples wanting child after praying to the goddess should clean the steps to the sannidhi with the Ghee ( the steps are otherwise covered with a plate ) , draw a Kolam ( a pattern made with rice flour in front of the house every morning ) , highlight with Turmeric and Kungumam imagining doing this to the goddess's feet and pray.
  • Hand over the turmeric and lemons along with Betel leaves and nuts to the priest so he does an Archanai . He will return them over to the couple as prasadham.
  • Pray as follows ... 'Upon conceiving , while doing Seemandham ( baby shower) and Valaikaappu I will reserve the first 7 bangles to the Ambal , then when the child is born I will have the child in the cradle just in front of the goddess's sannidhi and submit the bangles.
  • There are some guidelines to take prasadham which are the following
    • Only the couples must drink the Juice from the lemon with salt or sugar.
    • No one should touch the 7 turmerics except for the couple. The woman must use the turmeric as a paste with daily shower and once one is exhausted , the other should be used. Turmeric should not touch the feet.
    • It is said that the woman will conceive before the 3rd turmeric is used in most of the cases. But all the turmerics must be used. And the the first 7 bangles must be kept apart for the goddess and the rest to be used by the woman.
    • After the child is delivered , within the first or second year the child must be brought to the temple and put in the cradle along with submitting the bangles. Such bangles can be seen in the ambal sannidhi.
Other Temples covered in this trip
  • Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur
  • Adi Kumbeswarar temple in Kumbakonam
  • Subramanyan Swamy temple in Swamimalai
  • Pickup and Drop point is Kumbakonam. The trip would be customised based on requirements and all complete details would be provided before booking.
  • Transportation in AC Etios/Dzire cabs.
  • Toll charges and driver's allowance.
  • Upon booking confirmation, the sthalapuranam of temples mentioned in the itinerary will be sent through email.
  • Assistance regarding temple and pooja information will be provided on request
  • Package does not include food and hotel stay.
  • The pickup and drop point information will be provided to the customer before booking. It is customer's responsibility to reach the pickup point of the trip at specified time. On request basis, GoSthala will arrange pickup from customers place of choice at any applicable nominal charges.
  • All other expenses (temple entry ticket charges, parking charges, etc.) that are not specified in the package inclusions.
  • Any loss/expenses incurred by unforeseen circumstances e.g. flight delays/cancellations, road blockages, vehicle breakdown, strikes, etc.
  • Any applicable service tax charges.
  • Transportation provided will be as per itinerary only (not at disposal).
  • The package price is indicative and based on seasonal demands the price is subject to change and will be informed prior booking.
  • The price mentioned here is only for 200 kms per day and 13 hours per day.10 Rs per km will be charged extra if it exceeds 200kms and 120 Rs per hour will be charged extra if it exceeds 13 hours.
  • The package does not include guide services where not mentioned. Guide services can be availed from us at an additional cost.
  • Payment method as follows: 25% payment on confirmation; 50% payment before starting the trip; Balance payment before end of the trip.
  • 15% of package cost will be charged as penalty on canceling, 31 or more days before departure.
  • 35% of package cost will be charged as penalty on cancellation between 22 to 30 days before departure.
  • 50% of package cost will be charged as penalty on cancellation between 15 to 21 days before departure.
  • 100% of package cost will be charged as penalty on cancelling, 15 days before departure.
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