North of Kaveri – Chidambaram & Sirkazhi Temples

The Paadal Petra Sthalams are 276 temples that are revered in the verses of Saiva Nayanars (Thevaram) in the 6th-9th century CE and are amongst the greatest Shiva temples of the continent. Chidambaram, referred as “Kovil” in our scriptures is the first and foremost in the list of 276 temples. This itinerary takes you the Paadal petra sthalams in the Chidambaram and Sirkazhi towns.

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Itinerary Temples

  • Thillai Natarajar Temple
  • Thillai Kali Amman Koil
  • Pasupatheeswarar Temple
  • Uchinathar Temple
  • Palvannanathar Temple
  • Bhramapureeswarar Temple
  • Vaitheeswaran Koil
  • Sivaloka Nathar Temple
  • Swetharanyeswarar Temple.

Full Itinerary

Thillai Natarajar Temple
  • Chidambaram(Thillai Natarajah Temple) is the birthplace of the sculpture and bronze image representation of Lord Shiva as the cosmic dancer.
  • The Presiding deity Tirumoola Nathar is a swayambumurthi. Yet, Lord Nataraja is the ruling deity.
  • Of the panchabhoodha sthalas (places) Chidambaram belongs to Akasha.
  • This is a very big temple covering 51 acres, speaking volumes of the temple architecture skills of Tamilnadu.
  • Lord Shiva is captured in pose as Nataraja performing the Ananda Tandava ("Dance of Delight") in the golden hall of the shrine Pon Ambalam.
  • There is small entrance near Lord Sabanayaka in the Chit Saba. The screen is removed and an arati is offered. There is nothing in a form inside. But there hangs a golden Vilva garland without a Murthi. The secret is that Lord is here as Akasha which has no beginning or an end.

Thillai Kali Amman Koil
  • Chidambaram is otherwise called as "Thillai" and it is famous for Thillai amman temple.
  • The presiding deity is Sri Brahmma Chamundeeswari,Sri Thillai Kalli.In this temple, Mother Thillai Kali appears with four faces. She is facing west in a standing posture.
  • Lord Dakshinamurthi appears in female form praised as Sri Kadambavana Dakshina Rupini grace the devotees from their shrines in the prakara.This is the only temple where Lord Dakshinamurthi appears in a female form.
  • Legend says that Lord Kaali moved here after losing to Lord Siva in the celestial dance contest.It was an argument that who is superior, either 'Sivam' or Shakthi . In order to resolve thus, they performed a dance programme at Chidambaram in front of Vishnu and Bhrama.Siva played on "OORTHAVA THANDAVA" (Ugra Thandavam)i.e. raising his leg above his head. It could not be played by the women folk due to their modesty and shyness. In this Parvathi could not play equally well to this posture and agreed her defeat.She became furious as she was defeated. Lord Brahma appeared there, praised Kali as Veda Nayaki and begged her to calm down with four faces representing the four Vedas. Kali responded to Brahma’s prayer and appeared before to him as Brahma Chamundeeswari.
  • Mother Thillaikali is the deity for Magam Star. So, it is belived that, those born in this star pray to her with abishekam and archanas to realise their wishes.

Pasupatheeswarar Temple
  • Sri Pasupatheeswarar temple is located at Thiruvetkalam, Chidambaram.
  • The Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam known as Arulmigu Pasupatheeswarar and his consort known as Sri Sargunambaal or Nalla Nayaki. There is a mark on Shiva Lingam.
  • Legend,Arjuna the celebrated archer of Bharath was advised by Lord Krishna to perform penance on Lord Shiva to get the Pasupatha missile to win the Kurukshetra war though he got many such from his father Indira. Obeying the advice of Lord Krishna, he came to this place dense with bamboo trees.
  • Those facing stammering problems worship here. It is believed that if they consume the sand balls offered as Prasad, they will be cured of this deficiency.Those facing delays in wedding also pray here.

Uchinathar Temple
  • Sivapuri Uchinathar Temple is located at Sivapuri also known as Tirunelvoyil.
  • The presiding Shiva deity is Uchinathar.His consort is known as Uchinathar.
  • Lord is Swayambumurthy in the temple.The temple has one prakara.The Rajagopuram is facing east. Lord is facing east and Ambica south.
  • Legend,Saint Gnanasambandar was born to Shiva devotees Shivapada Hrudayar and Bhagawathi.When he was three years old, the father came to Brahmma Theertha in the Sirkali temple, left the child in the steps and went for bath.The child felt hungry and cried. Lord Shiva asked Mother Parvathi to feed the child which mother did. When Shivapada Hrudayar came back and found milk drops on the face of child, he asked the child who gave him the milk. Child showed the direction of the temple and sung the first hymn “Thodu Udaya Sevian”. Shivapada’s joy knew no bounds when he heard that the Great Mother fed his son.
  • Parents perform the Anna Prasana ritual (first rice feeding of the child) in the temple hoping that the child would never face food problem in life.

Palvannathar Temple
  • Tirukkazhippalai is famous for Palvannanathar Temple.
  • The presiding deity Shiva is Palvannanathar. His consort is known as Vedanayaki.
  • Lord Shiva in the temple is a Swayambumurthi.
  • The Linga is split due to the hit by a horse leg. Pujas are performed for this Linga only. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi grace in their wedding posture behind the Linga.
  • Lord Bhairava in the temple has not His dog vehicle as in Kasi. He appears with 27 skulls, wearing the sacred thread and a serpent as belt around his waist and with turf and lion’s teeth. According to scriptures, worshipping Bhairava in this temple equals the prayer at Kasi. The temple is known more as Bhairava temple.
  • Legend,Sage Kabila during his pilgrimage to Shiva temples, saw this place dense with Vilva trees and desired to stay and perform pujas to Lord. The sand in the place was white as cows voluntarily poured their milk in the place. He collected the sand and made a Lingam for his puja. While a king was coming there on his horse, the Linga got split by the hit of its leg. Sage Kabila was very sad. When the sage tried to prepare another Linga for his worship, Lord Shiva appeared before him with Mother Parvathi and advised him to install that Linga itself though damaged as the milk was brought there by the Divine Cow Kamaden. Thus the Shiva is Palvanna Nathar in this place.
  • It is believed that consuming the milk used for the abishek of Lord Shiva – Linga – will bless the devotee with a child. It also cures diseases caused due to heat in the body.
Additional Info
  • The Pickup and Drop point for this itinerary is Chidambaram. All pilgrims are requested to reach this place before the trip starts. However all the the itineraries are customisable and the pilgrims can contact Gosthala to customize the trip details in advance.

Bhramapureeswarar Temple
  • This is a vast temple complex with 3 different Shiva Shrines.
  • Six worship services are offered each day.
  • Special worship services to Bhairavar (Sattanathar) are carried out on Friday nights.
  • Lord Shiva at the first level is in the form of a Lingam and is called Brahmapureeswarar.
  • Lord Shiva at the second level is in human form and is really huge. He gives darshan with goddess Parvati and is called Thoni appar wherein Thoni is boat in Tamil.
  • The Lord in the final and third level is called Sattanathar.
  • The place is popular for Goddess Parvati having fed the milk of wisdom to Gnana sambandar when he was a child.
  • There is a seperate sannadhi for the saint in the temple.
  • There is a big tank inside the temple complex and is known as Brahma Theertham.

Vaitheeswaran Koil
  • Shiva is worshipped as Vaitheeswaran or the "God of healing" and it is believed that prayers to Vaitheeswaran can cure diseases.
  • It is one of the nine Navagraha (nine planets) temples associated with the planet Mars (Angaraka).
  • The village is also known for palm leaf astrology called Naadi astrology in Tamil.
  • The holy waters of the Siddhamirtham tank within the temple complex contains nectar, and a holy dip is believed to cure all diseases.
  • During the Ramayana period, Rama, Lakshmana and Saptarishi have worshipped the deity in this place.[3] There is a pond at this temple called Jatayu kundam (pot of Jatayu having holy ash or Vibhuti). One of the nine planets, Angaraka (Mars), suffered from leprosy and was cured by Vaidhyanathaswamy and from then on it is treated as one of the Navagraha Temples for planet Angaraka.
  • It is also a local belief that dissolving jaggery (Tamil:vellam) in the waters cures skin diseases.

Sivaloka Nathar Temple
  • The shiva linga and nandhi are suvayambhu(self manifested) in Thirupunkur.
  • The temple is associated with the legend of the Saivite saint Nandanar who was one of the 63 Nayanmars.
  • While being a Dalit, Nandanar was not allowed inside the temple.
  • The idol of Nandi within the temple precincts moved a few inches at the command of Shiva so as not to obstruct Nandanar's view from the gate of the shrine.
  • Devotees offering their prayer to kulam vettiya vinayakar have all their wishes fulfilled.

Swetharanyeswarar Temple
  • Swetharanyeswarar Temple or budhan temple located in the town of Thiruvenkadu.
  • Swetharanyeswarar is the main God in this temple.
  • There is a separate Sannidhi for Budha (mercury).
  • This temple is especially known for its unique incarnate of Lord Shiva called "Agora Murthi". He is one of the main god who is being prayed in this village.
  • Thiruvengadu village is also famous for its unique structure of pools in temples. This temple has 3 pools, 3 Gods.
  • It is a belief that who takes bath in all these pools, the one will be free from their problems like diseases, delay in marriages.
  • Worshipping budha bhagvan here on wednesdays results in get rid of budhan doshams.
  • Offering Green clothes and full Moong dal here is very special.
  • “Pillai Idukki Amman” is the mother who bestows the progeny for the childless.
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