Nava Tirupathi Divyadesams

The Divya Desams are the 108 Vishnu temples glorified in the poems of the contemporary Vaishnava Alvars of Tamil Nadu, India. Divya means "premium" and Desam indicates "place" (temple). This itinerary takes you to the divya desams around Tirunelveli. It covers the Navathirupathi Temples, a set of nine Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in Tiruchendur - Tirunelveli region. The Nava Tirupathi temples are headed by ‘Lord Perumal’ (‘Lord Vishnu’) hence there are no separate Navagraha shrine present in these temples.

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Itinerary Temples

  • Sri Vaikundanatha Perumal Temple,Thiruvaikuntham (Sri Vaikundam)
  • Vijayaasana Perumal Temple,Natham
  • Sri Kaaichina Vendha Perumal Temple,Thirupuliyankudi
  • Srinivasa Perumal Temple,Thirukulanthai, Perunkulam
  • Aravindalochanar temple,Erattai Thiruppathi
  • Devapiran Temple,Erattai Thiruppathi
  • Makara Nedunkuzhai Kannan Temple,Thenthirupperai
  • Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple,Thirukkolur
  • Sri Aadhinatha Swamy Temple,Alwarthirunagari

Full Itinerary

Sri Vaikundanatha Perumal Temple,Thiruvaikuntham (Sri Vaikundam)
  • Srivaikuntanathan Perumal Temple (also called Srivaikuntam temple and Kallapiran temple).
  • The temple is one of the Navagraha temples in Vaishnavism, associated with Surya, the Sun god.
  • The presiding deity is called Pal Pandian as a cow performed ablution daily to the submerged deity during the Pandyan era and Kallapiran as he helped a thief who prayed to Vishnu while he was in trouble.
  • The Prime Deity Lord Vaikuntanathan faces east in standing posture.
  • This is first of the Navatiruppathis.
  • Devotees worship in these temples to relieve from the adverse effects of the planets in their life.

Vijayaasana Perumal Temple,Natham
  • ThiruVaragunamangai Permual Temple is one of the Nava Tirupathi.
  • This place 'Thiruvaragunamangai' is popularly known as "Natham".
  • Among the Nava Tirupathi temple , it is 2nd.
  • This is dedicated to the God Chandran (Planet Moon).
  • The presiding deity of the temple is Sri Vijayaasana perumal who is in a sitting posture with Adiseshan over his head like an umbrella.
  • The lord here appeared in answer to the prayer of sage Romesar who performed severe penances for several thousand years.
  • ThiruvaragunaMangai Perumal temple is well known for the message of Dharmam, the right path to go.
  • This place is known as the ‘Chandra Kshetram‘, and is believed that the devotees who visit to this temple will attain moksha.

Sri Kaaichina Vendha Perumal Temple,Thirupuliyankudi
  • Thirupuliyangudi Perumal Temple is one of the Nava Tirupathi, nine Hindu temples dedicated to Vishnu.
  • This is the Budhan-Mercury Navagraha sthalam.
  • The main deity of this temple is ‘Lord Bhoomipalaka Perumal’ also called as ‘Lord Kasinivendan Perumal’ appears in a lying pose (Bhujanga Sayanam), facing east using a rice measuring vessel as a pillow.
  • Lord Brahma is seated on a lotus, the stalk of which emerges from the Lord's navel.
  • The legend says that Lord Vishnu and His consort Goddess Sridevi came to the place Thamirabarani to spend some time in peace.
  • Goddess Bhoodevi(Goddess Earth), the other consort of Lord Vishnu got angry by this and hid herself in the Nether World and caused earth to fill with darkness.
  • By the prayers made by the Devas to save the earth, Lord Vishnu went to Nether World and consoled Goddess Bhoodevi and protected the earth from darkness.
  • Hence the Lord here is came to be known as Lord Bhoomi Paalar.

Srinivasa Perumal Temple,Thirukulanthai, Perunkulam
  • Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple or Sri Mayakoothar Permual Temple is one of the Nava Tirupathi.
  • This is Sani-Saturn Navagraha sthalam.
  • This temple history describes Lord Vishnu's power to perform miracles to serve his devotees.Once one asura abducted Vishnu baktha Vedasaran's wife Kumudhavalli.The asura performed magic tricks but was vanquished by Vishnu who danced on his head as Koothar.And he restored Kumudhavalli to her husband.
  • The temple follows the three time puja routine with Cow puja each day.
  • Devotees pray to Lord and Mothers to realize their wishes, for wedding and child boon and employment.

Aravindalochanar temple,Erattai Thiruppathi
  • Erettai Tirupathi – Sri Aravindalochanar temple is the Rahu sthalam.
  • Two Temples at Thulai Villi Mangalam, referred to as Erettai Tirupathi.
  • First temple is found along the banks of River Tamirabarani.
  • The presiding deity is Aravindha Lochanar or Senthamarai Kannan.He is giving his seva in Nindra thirukkolam facing his thirumugham in East direction.
  • As per Legends, a rishi named Athreya Suprabha rishi, maintained a yaga Sali. When he was cleaning the yaga salai, he found a bright equilibrium and a bow. On touching those two, it changed into beautiful men and a woman. They both explained him that they were changed into the tarasu and the bow because of the poorvajenma sabham, His touch gave them both sabhavimocchan and got paramapadha mukthi. Since, this sthalam is named as “Thulam Vil Mangalam” and as the years passed the name changed to “Tholai villi Mangalam”.

Devapiran Temple,Erattai Thiruppathi
  • Erettai Tirupathi- Devapiran temple is the Kethu navagraha sthalam.
  • Second sthalam is found along the Tamirabarani river.
  • This sthala Moolavar is Srinivasan or Devapiran. He is giving his seva in Veetrirundha thirukkolam facing east direction.
  • Thaayar of this temple is Sri Karunthadanganni Naachiyaar.
  • As per Legends, Devapiran is believed to have appeared to slay the demon Somuka who abducted the four Vedas.

Makara Nedunkuzhai Kannan Temple,Thenthirupperai
  • Makara Nedunkuzhaikathar Temple is one of the Nava Tirupathi.
  • The temple is referred to as Sukra sthalam, a location for the planet deity, Sukra.
  • The presiding deity in this temple is Makara Nedunkuzhai Kannan and His consort Thireperai Nachiyar Thayar, Kuzhaikaduvalli.
  • As per Legend,Tiru Perai in southern (then) Pandya Nadu is a place where Bhoomi Devi had bathed. Goddess Bhoodevi Thayar got two fish-shaped during a penance to ease out of Sage Durvasa’s curse words and extended it to Perumal.
  • A different story says that Varuna did a penance to be freed of a curse.
  • It is believed that Varuna wets Makara Nedunkuzzhai Kannan Temple each year on the full phase of the moon during the Tamil month of Panguni to have the blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Vaithamanidhi Perumal Temple,Thirukkolur
  • The Presiding deity is Lord Maha Vishnu in the form of Vaithaminidhi and His consort Thayar Kumudavalli, Thayar Koruvalli. The Temple is also known as Vaitheeswarankoil.
  • The temple is referred to as Mars sthalam, a location for the planet deity, Mars.
  • Legend, Due to a curse by Mother Parvathi, Kubera lost all his wealth. The Nava Nidhis – 9 kinds of wealth – left him and they came to Lord Narayana – Perumal. As Perumal was the custodian of the wealth (nidhi), He came to praised and named Vaitha Manidhi Perumal. He is granting darshan to devotees keeping these Nidhis under His right shoulder. Kubera worshipped this Perumal and got back the Nidhis, according to scriptures. Perumal is also known as Adharmapisunam.
  • Childless couples pray here for children and students and their parents pray for their academic excellence.

ri Aadhinatha Swamy Temple,Alwarthirunagari
  • Alwarthirunagari Permual Temple is one of the Nava Tirupathi and this is the Guru- Jupiter navagraha sthalam.
  • The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Aadhinatha Perumal, faces to the east in the standing posture and believed to be ‘Swayambhu’ (self-formed).
  • Goddesses are Aadhinatha Nayagi and Thirukkurukoornayagi, the consorts of Lord Aadhinatha Perumal presides in separate shrines in this temple.
  • Legend,It is said that when Nammazhvar born, he have not cried or opened his eyes, so he was taken to the tamarind tree within the temple and resided for 16 years till Madurakavi came and posed some of the interesting questions about life and that is the moment when Lord Nammazhwar have spoken for the first time. Madurakavi was impressed by the answers of Nammazhwar and he said “I do not need God, Nammazhvar is enough”.And hence the temple is came to be known as ‘Thirukkurugoor’.This sthalam explains his speciality and his works towards Vaishnavism and because of this, the sthalam is called “Azhwar Tirunagari”.
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