Temples In and Around Kanchipuram (Thondai naadu)

The Paadal Petra Sthalams are 276 temples that are revered in the verses of Saiva Nayanars (Thevaram) in the 6th-9th century CE and are amongst the greatest Shiva temples of the continent. This itinerary serves are good weekend getaway for people in Chennai region. Here we take to the Paadal petra sthalams in Kanchipuram region.

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Itinerary Temples

  • Ekambaranathar Temple, Kanchipuram
  • Thirumetraleeswarar Kovil, ThiruKachiMetrali
  • Kachi Aneka Thangavatham,Kanchipuram
  • Sri Manikanteswara Swamy Temple, Thirumalpur
  • Sathyanatheswarar Temple ,Thirukalimedu
  • OnaKanthanthali, Kanchipuram
  • Valeeswarar Temple, Kuranganilmuttam
  • Thalapurishwarar Temple or Kirubanathiswarar Temple, Thiruppanangadu
  • Vedapureeswarar Temple, Cheyyar
  • Maakaral Eswarar Temple, Magaral.

Full Itinerary

Ekambaranathar Temple, Kanchipuram
  • It is one of the five major Shiva temples or Pancha Bootha Sthalams (each representing a natural element) representing the element - Earth.
  • Sundarar got back his left side eye sight after visiting this Sthalam.
  • There is a Mango tree in the temple dating back to 3,500 years.
  • We can find Parvathi Devi hugging the Shiva Lingam in this Sthalam. This is because once the theertham of this Sthalam - Kambha nadhi started to flood; Parvathi Devi thought that the water should not do any harm to the Thirumeni of the Perumaan. So, to protect him, she hugged the Perumaan with her two hands. The impression of the Valais (bangles) of Parvathi Devi is found on the Lingam of this temple.Parvathi Devi using the sand constructed the Lingam, since the lingam is made of sand. So Abhisekam is not done.

Thirumetraleeswarar Kovil, ThiruKachiMetrali
  • Metraleeswarar Temple (also called Kanchi Metrali) is located in the town of Pillaiyar palayam, Kanchipuram.
  • The presiding deity is Thiru Metraleswarar, Thiru Metrali nathar and the goddess is Sri Metrali Nayagi.
  • The temple is facing west with a 3 tier Rajagopuram on the east side. In Otha urugesar Sannadhi, thiruvadi of Thirumal is in front of Lord Shiva.
  • Thiruganasambandar’s sannadhi is at the end of the street. It was believed that Iraivan came here and listened to Thiruganasambandar’s hymns. Hence there is a Sannadhi available at the middle of the street by the name “Utrukketta Mutheesar”.

  • The Presiding God of this temple is Sri Aneka Thankavatheswarar.
  • The temple is situated to the left of the path that leads to the kailasanathar temple.
  • Anekam – Elephant faced lord Sri Vinayagar installed and worshiped.
  • The Lord Shiva was also worshiped by Kuberan.
  • Lord Vinayaka established an idol of Lord Shiva in the name of ‘Anekabeswarar ‘worshipped Lord Shiva, then set out to Eranyapuram (a town) destroyed the demons, (beginning from Kasi-a demon) separated their power called Vallabai from their embryos and got wedded to vallabai.(All the holy powers in the embryos united as one supreme power) Today, the God in the temple is known by the holy name- Anekathangavatheeswarar.

Sri Manikanteswara Swamy Temple, Thirumalpur
  • The presiding deity is Swamy - Arulmighu Manikandeswarar as Swayambhu lingam facing east direction. He is also called as "Arulmighu Maalvanangeeswar"and the goddess is Anjanatchi Amman facing south direction in a separate sannadhi. She is also called as "Karunai Nayaki".
  • The presiding deity-Moola Linga is made of sand by Mother Parvathi on the banks of Virudaseera River.To avoid dissolution of the sand Linga during abishek, it is covered by a copper pot.
  • Lord Vishnu as Senthamarai Kanna Perumal is near Lord Shiva in a worshipping form.
  • Adhikara Nandhi is in standing form before Lord.
  • Mother Durga appears with Her eight hands with a merciful look.
  • It is believed that Lord Vishnu prayed to Lord Shiva that the benefit of praying in many temples should be granted to the devotees who pray here. Lord Shiva assured the boon to Lord Vishnu.

Sathyanatheswarar Temple ,Thirukalimedu
  • The Lord Shiva is worshipped as Sathyanatheswarar and his consort Parvathi as Pramarambikai.
  • The central shrine faces east and holds the image of Sathyanatheswarar (Shiva) in the form of lingam made of granite and is believed to be a swayambumoorthy (self manifested).
  • According to legend, Indra, the king of celestial deities and Bhudan (Mercury) worshipped Shiva at this place located in a forest called Kaaraivanam.
  • During Wednesdays, devotees take a holy dip in the temple tank located outside the temple and worship Shiva with green pulse, which is considered a sacred aspect for Budha (Mercury).

OnaKanthanthali, Kanchipuram
  • This Shivastalam is a small temple, to the West of the Ekambareswarar temple in Kanchipuram, located near the Sarvatheertham. Sundaramoorthy Nayanar is closely associated with this shrine.
  • The presiding deity is Onakantheswarar and the goddess is Kamakshi.
  • Legends: Shiva is said to have been worshipped here by Onan and Kanthan, commanders of Vanasuran. There are 2 Shivalingams corresponding to the above,(Oneswara, Kantheswara) and one worshipped by Jalandharan.
Additional Info
  • The Pickup and Drop point for this itinerary is Kanchipuram. All pilgrims are requested to reach this place before the trip starts. However all the the itineraries are customisable and the pilgrims can contact Gosthala to customize the trip details in advance.

Valeeswarar Temple, Kuranganilmuttam
  • The Presiding deity Sri Valeeswarar graces in the form of Swyambulinga facing West and the goddess is Irayarvalai Ammai.
  • It is the faith of devotees that prayer to Lord Valeeswara would reward them with a satisfied life and total liberation at the end.
  • Married women and pregnant women offer bangles to Mother before they wear them. They believe the prayer would reward them child boon and safe delivery of the child. They also pray to the mother for relief of Balarishta doshas of Children.

Thalapurishwarar Temple or Kirubanathiswarar Temple, Thiruppanangadu
  • There are two presiding deities, Thalapureeswarar (Panangattu Easwarar) and Krubapureeswarar in the temple.
  • There are two sacred palm trees, one male and the other female. While Sage Agasthya installed Thalapureeswarar, his disciple Pulasthya installed another one nearby named Krubapureeswarar on a square peeta. Both are revered as the presiding deities as one Shiva.
  • Mother-Goddesses for the Lords are in separate shrines facing south. Mother Amirthavalli is slightly taller than Mother Krubapuri Ambal.
  • Planet Saturn – Sani Bhagwan is under the Vanni tree outside the temple. People use to do archanas to him with vanni leaves for relief from the planet’s adverse effects.
  • Sri Vinayaka of the temple is praised as Big Vinayaka-Peria Vinayakar.
  • Those seeking child boon pray to Lord offering palm fruit and consume it then. People also pray for prosperity and for healing eye related diseases. They also circumambulate these trees and pray to Lord Shiva for removal of adverse aspects affecting wedding proposals.

Vedapureeswarar Temple,Cheyyar
  • The presiding deity of this temple is god Vedapureeshwarar.
  • The great speciality of the temple is that one will be able to have the dharsan of the Lord, Goddess, Lord Muruga, Lord Ganapathy and the Palm tree standing in a single place which is not possible in other temples.
  • It is here that the Lord taught the Vedas to the Rishis and Devas. Hence the name Othur.
  • Those who eat the palm fruits are cured of infertility and get children and cured of diseases. The palm fruits of the holy tree (palm tree) has proved to be an effective medicine for infertility.
  • The other speciality of the temple is that the Nandhi is not facing the Lord but the opposite direction. While the Lord was teaching Vedas to the Devas, the Nandhi was monitoring the place so that nobody enters and create any disturbance to the teaching diverting the attention of the Sishyas.

Maakaral Eswarar Temple, Magaral
  • The presiding deity is Tiru Magaral Eswarar and the goddess is Tiri Bhuvana Nayaki.
  • Lord Shiva graces in the temple as a swayambu murthi.
  • Legend, Indira the king of Devas presented his white elephant as wedding gift to Lord Muruga and Deivanai that took place in Tiruparankundram. He placed the divine couples on the elephant and enjoyed the procession. When Lord Maha Vishnu desired to have this darshan of His nephew, he granted it at this place.
  • It is believed that consuming the abishek theertha serves as an effective medicine reducing the impact of blood related illnesses, fractures, impaired vision, paralysis etc.
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